New Website!

Vocalise-logo.pngGuys, have you checked out are new website? We love it!

Our website is much more than just a website for about the community magazine, but a website for the community!
We love to share all the local businesses in the Ashley Ward area in our business directory.

It’s a site for you all the get in touch and send us your pictures, stories and a place for you to get involved!

We want to keep you updated with news in area, jobs, great family events and even a forum for you to have your say!

Check it out, and please get in touch!

Stokes Croft

New Community Magazine!

Ashley Ward Magazine Front CoverBoundless Futures CIC is has worked hard on a new community magazine! The magazine is currently in the process of delivering door to door and to local community centers. If you are lucky enough to live in St Pauls, Monteplier and St Werburghs, you may have had a chance to have a little read of ‘Vocalise’! 

Not to worry if you haven’t had the chance to see it, you can always take a look on our website:

It is our first issue of ‘Vocalise’ and we aim to use this a platform to be a voice and a resource for the community; you shall find events over the next three months, community news and updates, art and culture. So please take a look and get in contact if you would like to take part!

New Community Newsletter for Ashley

We have exciting plans and ideas for the future that we are looking forward to. We love the idea of bringing a community together and hearing what they would like to say, share; events and organisations that may be happening and even local artists work! With Bristol being a great hub of creativity, independent/small businesses and history, who knows what wonderful talents are hidden within the community.

Ashley Ward Poster